tbh…Also Known As “To Be Honest”

TBH is a social media app that is becoming very popular. It stands for “To Be Honest”  and with over 5 million downloads and 2.5 million active users, it has gained quick popularity with tweens and tweens.

How it works:

To log in, your kid has to share their location and contacts. This is a required step which is becoming typical in many app downloads.

After sharing this information with the app, the user will select the school they attend and then they will see a list of users from their school and send a friend request. The app also searches their contacts for users not from their school.

Users answer poll questions that TBH generates about their friends. All anonymously. Examples:

The poll questions are created by the developer but users can submit a question, but the developer chooses which will go into the application.

Users can only answer a certain number of poll questions at a time, but tbh has a game aspect where users earn a “Gem” if they win a poll. They can use those gems to get more questions.

Keeping with the anonymous factor, the user will not know who voted for them in each poll.  They will see the grade and gender of the voter, as seen here:

The only way to know who answered the poll question is if the user comments on a poll and the person who voted responds back. This conversation becomes a private chat between the two users.


Go through your kid’s friend list and make sure they know everyone on the list.

Read some of the questions and results with them. This is a good opportunity to learn about their friends you don’t know.


This application can become addicting quickly – monitor how often your kids are on it.

Feelings can be hurt if your kid is not voted for something they think they should be.

Bottom Line:

As with all social media apps, this needs to be monitored with open communication with your kid.