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Forget Rules. You Need A Social Media Agreement

How do we set boundaries for our kids relating to their phones and social media? Have you recently found yourself asking this question? While many parents have tried implementing rules for how technology can be used, we’ve found that setting rules can actually lead to some unforeseen downsides. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss why it’s…

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Back To School: Are You Digitally Ready?

One of the biggest things on the mind of every parent right now is that school is just around the corner. For some, you’ve been counting down the days; for others, you’re trying to soak up all the last moments with your kid as you can. Either way, parents are in prep/transition mode of getting…

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4 Tips to Keep Your Kid Socially Smart this Summer

Can you guess what the number one thing kids and teens are looking forward to in a few weeks? That’s right…summer break! What a wonderful, fun time for students…and a scheduling nightmare for parents, am I right? JK! But on a serious note, this is the time of the year where students look forward to…

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I got my kid WHAT for Christmas?!

The holiday season has come and gone and when it comes to the gifts your kids have received, you can be sure of this: times have changed. The gifts that kids and teens are asking for these days are drastically different than what we asked for “back in the day.” With smartphones, tablets and gaming…

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Cyberbullying: Stats and Solutions

Cyberbullying: the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. Isn’t it wild to think that not too long ago, the word “Cyberbullying” didn’t even exist? If any bullying were to happen, it would typically happen face-to-face…or on a landline phone.  Kids and teens always had the safety net of being able…

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Set Agreements, Not Rules

Social media agreement contract

  When it comes to social media expectations and boundaries for your kid, try setting agreements, not rules: both parties will win! Agreements empower you and your kid to set appropriate expectations for their social media usage together. Rules are dictated by parents and your child must abide by your standards. And with social media,…

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