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The Best Routine to Monitor Your Kid’s Phone

The time has come, and your kids officially have their own phones. But how can we as parents successfully monitor our kid’s phone usage and keep track of what they’re up to online? How do we teach our kids to be socially smart and make sure they stay that way? This topic can often cause…

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Top 4 Questions We Get From Parents

Since the beginning of Be Socially Smart, parents have asked many questions in regards to their kid and social media/technology. Below we have summed up the four biggest questions we commonly get from parents just like you: What age is appropriate? Perhaps the biggest question we get from parent revolves around “what age is appropriate…

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My Kid Wants a Cell Phone! What Age is Okay?

My Kid Wants a Cell Phone! What Age Is Okay?

When talking with parents, there is one question that we’re asked far more than any other… “At what age should we give our kid a cell phone?” When we let our kids have a smartphone, we are giving them so much more than just a phone, so this is definitely an important question to ask.…

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When Should I Give My Kid A Smartphone?

In this digital age, one of the biggest questions on the mind of parents is “What age is appropriate to give my kid a smartphone?…or When should I let my kid have _____ app?” The first thing to note here is this: there is no silver bullet answer. For apps, there are age recommendations/restrictions put…

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