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Top 4 Questions We Get From Parents

Since the beginning of Be Socially Smart, parents have asked many questions in regards to their kid and social media/technology. Below we have summed up the four biggest questions we commonly get from parents just like you: What age is appropriate? Perhaps the biggest question we get from parent revolves around “what age is appropriate…

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My Kid Wants a Cell Phone! What Age is Okay?

My Kid Wants a Cell Phone! What Age Is Okay?

When talking with parents, there is one question that we’re asked far more than any other… “At what age should we give our kid a cell phone?” When we let our kids have a smartphone, we are giving them so much more than just a phone, so this is definitely an important question to ask.…

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When Should I Give My Kid A Smartphone?

In this digital age, one of the biggest questions on the mind of parents is “What age is appropriate to give my kid a smartphone?…or When should I let my kid have _____ app?” The first thing to note here is this: there is no silver bullet answer. For apps, there are age recommendations/restrictions put…

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