Are You a Digitally Proactive or Reactive Parent?

Let’s be real honest here: when it comes to parenting, it’s much easier to react in the moment to things rather than be proactive from the beginning. For example, it’s easier to give a toddler cookies for dinner because he’s throwing a major fit than to teach him on the front end that you need…

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I got my kid WHAT for Christmas?!

The holiday season has come and gone and when it comes to the gifts your kids have received, you can be sure of this: times have changed. The gifts that kids and teens are asking for these days are drastically different than what we asked for “back in the day.” With smartphones, tablets and gaming…

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Set Agreements, Not Rules

Social media agreement contract

  When it comes to social media expectations and boundaries for your kid, try setting agreements, not rules: both parties will win! Agreements empower you and your kid to set appropriate expectations for their social media usage together. Rules are dictated by parents and your child must abide by your standards. And with social media,…

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