Let’s Talk Snapchat

All Things Snapchat

What is it?

Snapchat is a social media-messaging app that allows you to exchange video, pictures, and text that disappears after a short amount of time. The most popular age range of Snapchat users is 12 to 22 years old, and 80% of teens use Snapchat.

The Positives

  • Being creative with your snaps, posts, stories, pics, videos, etc.
  • Searchable content is filtered very well.
  • Able to connect with friends
  • Opportunity to follow positive role models. Small amount of these, but you will still need to monitor this (athletes, people of interest, singer/songwriter, artists/bands)
  • Geo-filters (explained more below)
  • A good way for introverts to connect with more peers.

The Negatives

  • You can private video chat with whomever you’re chatting with. If your account is not set to private, anyone can call you.
  • Messages disappear after being seen.
  • Your messages can be screenshot and saved.
  • There is unnecessary stress and pressure to keep up “snapstreaks”
  • It ranks your friends, therefore people snap a lot in a day just to be someone’s “best friend” on snapchat. This usually is a bunch of pointless communication that takes up time.
  • If privacy settings are not set correctly, strangers can find your snaps on the map feature. Which would show the exact location of the snap.
  • Advertisements might not be suitable for teens. Within advertisements, there are other ads…
    • Probably PG-13 or more.
    • If you click on it and send it away before it’s finished, then it won’t disappear.
    • One way you can tell if your kid is clicking on an ad is if the ad disappears…that’s why you need to have snapchat on your own phone. (Good to have on your phone period! So you can see updates, stories and friends).


Setting to check on your phoneSocial media settings can be overwhelming so we’ve created a free guide for you with step by step instructions for all social networks including Snapchat. 

Here are some settings we suggest:

  • “Who Can Contact Me” and “Who Can View My Story” – Set to “My Friends”
  • “Who Can See Me In Quick Add” – Set to off. This setting insures that a stranger cannot add them.
  • “Memories” – Make sure “Save To My Eyes Only” is checked

Be Smart…

  • Receive snaps only from friends.
  • If your settings aren’t set to private or friends only, it’s possible that someone could search a word that you post and find you. For example: if you search “coffee”, many snapchat users will show up that you have never heard of, but they show up because they have the word “coffee” in their story.
  • This is why “Who can view my story” should always be “My Friends

Don’t forget, you can download our free settings guide now.


Product Review

We highly recommend Disney’s CIRCLE for you parents who want to have a peace of mind while your kid is using home WiFi.

Final Thoughts

Still overwhelmed with Snapchat?  Join the Be Socially Smart Community and read the complete Guide to Snapchat.