Raising Humans in a Digital World with Diana Graber

“Raising a human is like building a house. You’ve got to start with a strong foundation.”

– Diana Graber

Today on the podcast, we’re joined by author and co-founder of CyberWise, Diana Graber. Diana developed and teaches the popular digital literacy program for middle schoolers, Cyber Civics. As a parent of two and a digital literacy expert, Diana also has a passion for teaching parents how to raise their kids in the current digital landscape.

In her new book, Raising Humans in a Digital World, Diana interviewed over 30 digital experts on everything from cyberbullying to screen time and developing a digital reputation. The book also includes an easy to use discussion format for parents, with helpful tips and tricks on how to address all of these topics with your kids.

Tune in to hear more about the book, and how to lay a solid foundation for our family with technology. We believe this is a rich interview full of wisdom for any parent, regardless of the age of your kids.

You can purchase your copy of Diana’s book right here.

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