Quick Teen Jargon Guide

BAE - Term of endearment, “Before Anyone Else,” also short for babe or baby

Baller - Someone who is good at what they do, mainly used in sports talk

Banger - A hot song

Basic – Mainstream in a negative way, typical, normal or generic

Bruh - Another way of saying bro, or homie

Bye Felicia - You would say this when someone announces they are leaving the situation/room and you really don’t care

Clapback - a good comeback

Curve – Reject someone romantically

Extra- Describes someone who is over the top

Dead – Something that made you laugh way to much

Done- Tired of someone’s attitude or tired of a situation

Fam – The friends you are closest to

Finesse - Being sly or cunning

Finna – Going to/about to, short for “fixing to”

Fire - Describes something exciting

Goals – What you’re trying to do or be like someone or a situation

G.O.A.T – Greatest Of All Time

Gucci – Good, cool

High-key – People say high key when they are about to say something they want everyone to know about but it’s obvious

Hundo P – 100 percent, confirming something

Hmu- Hit me up

I’m weak – That was funny

Lit – It’s cool, it’s awesome

Kek – To laugh out loud

LB/FB - asking someone to “Like Back” or “Follow Back” on social media

Low-key – People say low key when you are about to say something you don't
want everyone else to know

Netflix and chill- This sounds like you are going to watch Netflix and hang out, but it’s really a make out session

On fleek – Awesome, smooth or nailed it

On Point- Something that works well together. Example: A perfect outfit with matching shoes

Peep – To take a look at something

Salty – Bitter about something

Savage –Someone who will do anything

Shade - putting someone down or an insult

Sips tea – To mind one’s own business

Skrt – Go away or leave

Slay- Means you did something well or are the best at something

Straight fire – Hot/trendy

Squad – Your group of friends

Sus – Suspect, when something is shady

Trash- Below average, mediocre

TBH - To be honest

The cool - Awesome, legit

Thirsty – Desperate for something

Thot - Replaces the word “Ho” when describing a girl

Turnt - Being excited, Hype. Also could mean being intoxicated

Vibes – The atmosphere or feeling someone has; Sunday Vibes would mean laying on the couch relaxing

Yeet - I’m good

Zero Chill - Means you have done something uncool

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