Questions To Ask When Parenting in a Digital Age

Do You Ever Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Is social media/technology hurting my kid?
  • How much screen time is too much screen time?
  • What age is appropriate to give my kid a smartphone?
  • Is my kid’s usage on their smartphone linked to issues they are experiencing?

If you’ve ever wondered any of these things, you are in good company. In fact, just within this past decade, studies are starting to come out on the effects of a teenager’s use of digital technology, social media, and a smartphone. (Effects meaning what are these things doing to our kid’s brains, social skills, time management, responsibility, learning abilities, dependencies/addictions/habits, etc.)

All of these are valid questions and concerns from parents, especially in a rapidly changing, technologically advanced society. And even though you’re not alone, you are on the front of the wave of learning and experiencing how to parent your kid in a digital age. Before this past decade, this type of parenting has never been done.

What Are Tech Creators Sayings?

If you take a step back and think about it, the advancement of different technologies within the past decade can seem overwhelming and somewhat impossible to know the long-term effects it has on our kids thus far. And what seems to be interesting is what some of these tech creators are doing with their kids in regards to technology.

Take a look…

Bil Gates:

Each of Gates’ three kids — ages 15, 18, and 21 — has grown up in a home that forbade cell phones until age 14, banned cell-phone use at the dinner table, and set limits on how close to bedtime kids could use their phones. BusinessInsider

Steve Jobs:

Jobs, who was the CEO of Apple until his death in 2012…prohibited his kids from using the newly-released iPad. “We limit how much technology our kids use at home. BusinessInsider

Sean Parker:

Parker, who co-founded the music streaming service Napster before joining Facebook as its president, said he was concerned about what it is doing to children’s brains.

“I don’t know if I really understood the consequences of what I was saying, because [of] the unintended consequences of a network when it grows to a billion or 2 billion people and … it literally changes your relationship with society, with each other … It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways…God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.” Yahoo Finance

So if this is what some of the “Founding Fathers of Technology” are saying, what should we do? What are the things I need to know, right now, as a parent raising a digital kid?

This is such an important topic that we will spend the next few weeks dissecting this question in our Community Membership Group.

We want to invite you to dig in deeper and join a community of people just like yourself–wanting only the best for their children!




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