The Tech-Wise Family

With parents as the primary influencers in the lives of their children Tech-Wise Family helps parents get to the heart of the digital issue with practical reality and positivity.



Don’t make the mistake thinking that guiding your family through technology consists just of using internet filters and setting limits on screen time.  It’s much more than that!

Developing wisdom, character, and courage in the way we all use digital media is the key to being a tech-wise family!

This book is chalked full of research from the Barna Group and author, Andy Crouch, shows readers that the choices we make about technology have consequences we may never have considered.  Taking readers beyond the typical questions of what, where, and when, he challenges the reader to answer the deeper questions like, Who do we want to be as a family? and How does our use of a particular technology move us closer or farther away from that goal?

Don’t let your family relationships suffer due to technology.  This book is a guide to reclaim real life while living with devices.