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Stay On Top of Your Social Media Game & One-Step Ahead of Your Kids!

Join a community of parents, leaders, and caregivers who are all on the same journey as you are with the kids in your life.

  • Bi-Monthly emails that will cover all aspects of kids and social media including, safety, depression, gaming, settings, new applications¬†and much more!

  • Breaking news updates-educating on social media settings, smartphone monitoring services that can affect your kid

  • Access to an exclusive¬†Facebook Community Group (which will be a safe place to ask any social media question and find community among other parents in the same life stage)

  • Free Downloads: Ebooks, Social Media Settings Guides, Sample Contracts and more!

  • Live Q & A's with Jason Clairmont and Caleb Farley (founders of Be Socially Smart)


Think of it this way: it costs can cost up to $100 to take a family of 6 out for dinner ONE time. Why not invest the same amount to help keep your kid socially smart all year long?

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