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Dangerous Aps

Top 4 Questions We Get From Parents

Since the beginning of Be Socially Smart, parents have asked many questions in regards to their kid and social media/technology. Below we have summed up the four biggest questions we commonly get from parents just like you: What age is appropriate? Perhaps the biggest question we get from parent revolves around “what age is appropriate…

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App highlight: Tik Tok

Tik Tok

When it comes to top trending apps that our tweens and teens have actively used over this past year, is one of the most popular. But back in late 2017, was bought out by one of their main competitors, Tik Tok…a similar, but much more popular music video/social media platform based in China.…

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Instagram and Twitter…Things You May Not Have Known

If you had to name the top 5 most popular social media networks of all time, Instagram and Twitter would make that list. These two platforms are fun, interactive, allow creativity and can help people stay connected to each other and the world around them. So what’s the big deal? Why, as parents, do we…

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Why Kids Use Secret Decoy Apps and Why Parents Should Care

Kids have been locking their diaries and hiding top secret shoe long before even Sandy Olssen had a crush on Danny Zuko. The need for more and more privacy as they mature is a natural part of growing up. Today, however, some kids hide their private lives behind locked decoy apps catapulting those harmless secret…

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