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Social Media Parent/Child Agreement

When it comes to social media expectations and boundaries for your kid, try setting agreements, not rules: both parties will win! Agreements empower you and your kid to set appropriate expectations for their social media usage together. Rules are dictated by parents and your child must abide by your standards. And with social media, agreements…

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Important Instagram Update to Combat Cyberbullying

We are thankful that Instagram is taking steps to combat cyberbullying.  We encourage you to take these steps to protect your kids. Step one: Make sure you have updated Instagram to the latest version. Step two: Go to Settings and scroll down to comments: Step Three: Click Enable Keyword Filters Step Four: Click on both…

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All Things Snapchat

Let’s Talk Snapchat

What is it? Snapchat is a social media-messaging app that allows you to exchange video, pictures, and text that disappears after a short amount of time. The most popular age range of Snapchat users is 12 to 22 years old, and 80% of teens use Snapchat. The Positives Being creative with your snaps, posts, stories,…

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Instagram and Twitter…Things You May Not Have Known

If you had to name the top 5 most popular social media networks of all time, Instagram and Twitter would make that list. These two platforms are fun, interactive, allow creativity and can help people stay connected to each other and the world around them. So what’s the big deal? Why, as parents, do we…

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Why Does My Kid Crave Social Media?

What their heart is longing for? Right when they wake up and get ready for the day, there it is. As you drive them to school or practice, there it is. Throughout the school day, there it is. As you pick them up, there it is. As you come home, eat dinner and do your…

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7 Strategies to Help Kids Sidestep Digital Friction this Summer

This post was originally published on McAfee’s Family Safety Blog by author Toni Birdsong. Used with permission. What happens when you mix long summer days with a steady flow of SnapChats, tweets, Instagram feeds, and a non-stop hum of group texts streaming into your life? If you’re an adult, you’ve likely learned how to power off…

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Why Kids Use Secret Decoy Apps and Why Parents Should Care

Kids have been locking their diaries and hiding top secret shoe long before even Sandy Olssen had a crush on Danny Zuko. The need for more and more privacy as they mature is a natural part of growing up. Today, however, some kids hide their private lives behind locked decoy apps catapulting those harmless secret…

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Product Review Blog: Disney’s “Circle”

If you are anything like me, when it comes to parenting my kids I tend to filter decisions and choices through the lens of safety: I should probably put shoes on him before he goes out to play… Maybe I should not let my baby girl play with that choking hazard, a.k.a. a small toy……

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Isn’t it interesting how the word warning jumps out to you when you read it? Typically this word is not used in a positive sense; Warning: Bridge may be icy in cold weather. Warning: explicit material. Warning: don’t tickle your son when he has to go potty. Whatever the situation, warnings serve one purpose…to keep…

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