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6 Tips to Help Protect and Improve Your Child’s Online Reputation

Not the better choice. Take it down, please. That’s the short, efficient text message I’ve sent more times than I can count over the years while monitoring and coaching my kids’ online content choices. My daughter is now a senior in high school with her eyes fixed on college. And while she can take credit…

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Questions To Ask When Parenting in a Digital Age

Do You Ever Ask Yourself These Questions: Is social media/technology hurting my kid? How much screen time is too much screen time? What age is appropriate to give my kid a smartphone? Is my kid’s usage on their smartphone linked to issues they are experiencing? If you’ve ever wondered any of these things, you are…

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The Tragedy in Florida…Missed Warning Signs?

This week will go down as a sorrowful week for many families in Florida. As you probably have already heard, on February 14, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida tragically experienced a massive school shooting, where a gunman killed 17 people and injured many others. Without getting into politics or the blame game,…

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The Ugly Truth About Sexting with Kids

Sexting is not only an adult thing. At the educational conference in London, Mandy Saligari, the director of the Harley Street Rehab Clinic, announced that many of her 13-year-old patients think that sexting is appropriate. For the record, sexting is sending the sexually explicit material (videos, photos, text) to another person. In the United States,…

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My Kid Messed Up On Social Media…Now What?

“One of the best things we can do in the meantime is build bridges-rather than walls-between ourselves and our kids when they fail in these areas.” (Right Click) “So my kid has messed up on social media, now what?” This reality might be the greatest fear parents have in allowing their kid to have social…

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Smartphone Anxiety and Depression: The Struggle Is Real (Part 1)

Let’s take a quick journey together, going back in time to your adolescent days. Do you remember that time? Who did you hang around? What did you do with your free time? What kind of nonsense were you getting into? I don’t know about you, but “back in my day” life seemed simple. I played…

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Smartphone Anxiety and Depression: The Struggle is Real (Part 2)

  Welcome to part 2 of our discussion on Smartphone Anxiety and Depression. If you missed part 1 or if you forgot some info, please go back and re-read the blog due to this being a series of blogs that build on each other. But to briefly recap part 1, we talked about how smartphones…

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Smartphone Anxiety and Depression: The Struggle is Real (Part 3)

Last but certainly not least, here we are at part 3 of our discussion on Smartphone Anxiety and Depression. If you missed the first two parts of this series or if you forgot any info, please go back and re-read the blogs due to this being a series that build on each other. To briefly…

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4 Ways to Be Socially Smart in 2018

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018! Is it just me or did last year fly by really fast? If it is just me, then I blame my kids…they sort of steal every waking moment. But I digress. It’s a new year, and you know what that means? That’s right, setting unrealistic goals that result in forming even…

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I got my kid WHAT for Christmas?!

The holiday season has come and gone and when it comes to the gifts your kids have received, you can be sure of this: times have changed. The gifts that kids and teens are asking for these days are drastically different than what we asked for “back in the day.” With smartphones, tablets and gaming…

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