App Alert: Walkie-Talkie

Last week, the Walkie-Talkie app spiked to a top 10 placement in two different categories: Social Networking and Top Free Apps.

What is Walkie-Talkie?

Walkie-Talkie was developed back in October of this year and has quickly become widely popular due to its capability to talk back and forth with your friends for free (there is also a paid version). This app is very user-friendly and is rated for ages 4+ in the App Store. All you and your friend need to do is download the app, pick the same radio frequency and start talking, just like a walkie-talkie.

Any Dangers?

But even though this is simple and an easy way to communicate with your friends, there’s a couple of potential dangers/risks that come with it: stranger danger and profanity. Not only can you talk with your friends, but you can choose any radio frequency and see if you can connect with someone else out there. I tried this out (listening only) and can say I heard much profanity, teen/adult males, and females talking, and different countries represented. Though you can’t see the other person, you can talk to whoever chooses the same radio signal as you (multiple people can be on one signal).

What Can I Do?

Talk with your kid to see if they know anything about this app. If so, see if they are using it or if their friends have it and use it as a way to communicate back and forth. If your child has it (and you let them continue to have it), please know this app is difficult to monitor what your kid is hearing/saying on it; therefore it’s helpful to explain to them the potential risks involved and what to do if they hear something inappropriate. Remember, the more involved you are, the safer and smarter your child will be.